How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak (using 3uTools)

Fake Location / GPS on iPhone is not an impossible thing to do even without access to a Jailbreak, fake location / GPS itself is usually used and serves to change the original location to a certain location desired, fake gps can be used for various application for examples Apple Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more applications that use our location access.

Recently i discovered how to Fake Location / GPS on iPhone without having to Jailbreak! how cool right? the method is not complicated but cannot be done without the help of a computer or laptop, so make sure you have access to a computer.

FYI: this page is translated from my original blog which is in Indonesian, so maybe the translation is not good enough

Before continuing I would like to warn that I am not responsible for any losses caused by using Fake GPS, so please use it wisely.

The First Step Prepare the Following Things

Well first, prepare the things we need:

> iPhone / iPad / iPod itself
> Computer or Laptop
> Cable Data
> Internet connection

When ready, here's how:

How To Fake GPS Without Jailbreak

#1 : First, please download and install the application below (install iTunes first then 3uTools)

# 2 : After the two applications above are installed, please connect your device using the usb data cable and open the 3uTools application

# 3 : Make sure 3uTools detects your device and then click the Toolbox menu again select VirtualLocation, for an example please see the following image:

#4 : After that, a VirtualLocation window will appear as shown below, then please click the location on the map that you want to use.

#6 : If you have selected the desired location on the map, now open your iPhone and enter the homescreen (don't let the screen turn off), after that now press the Modify virtual location button on the left

*Note: If you experience an error like the image below, read carefully step #6 above

#7 : Wait until the process is complete..

#8 : When finished, a warning will be given as shown in the following image:

Now check your device and see the results! your location has changed at the point that you specified above, now please unplug the data cable from your device :)

To change the fake GPS location, please specify another location then click Modify virtual location again.

Due to the GPS Calibration automatically performed by the iPhone, Fake GPS is not permanent and can be lost. For iOS 12 or earlier Fake GPS can last up to 2 days, while for iOS 13 Fake GPS can last around 3 to 6 hours.

When Google Maps Error Appears

Method #1 : Make sure your 3uTools application is the latest version, if an error appears "Browser Must be Updated in order to use Google Maps"Please change the Maps you are using to OpenStreetMap, here's how:

Method #2 : If the OpenSteeetMap is also not working properly, you can go back to Google Maps and enter the latitude and longitude of the map location that will be fake manually into the Longitude and Latitude menu, here's how:

  • Open Google Maps through any browser, here is the link:
  • After that, please select the location that will be used for fake (left click)
  • If you have noticed at the bottom of the map, a menu will appear showing the  Longitude and Latitude of the location you chose

Remember  Longitude and Latitude are separated by a comma (,) as the example image above shows Longitude (-91.192191) and Latitude (39.592623).  

  • If you already enter Longitude and Latitude longitude numbers into the fields Longitude and Latitude in the application 3uTools, for example you can see in the picture down below:

Finally, please click the Modify virtual location menu and wait for the process to complete. if an error appears, may be the Longitude and Latitude you entered are incorrect (not found) or the position is swapped, try changing the position of the number you entered between Longitude and Latitude or looking for another location.

Examples of Fake GPS Results Without Jailbreak

"Fake GPS results in the Apple Maps application"

"  Fake GPS results in WhatsApp application  "

"  Fake GPS results in the Google Maps app  "

How To Normalize Again

To deactivate Fake GPS, the method is very easy, please restart your device and after restarting your GPS location will return to normal.

Or if it is still connected to a laptop or PC, please click the Restore true location button in the VirtualLocation menu

Then click Reboot again

After that your device will restart automatically and your location will return to normal.

Okay that's it, hopefully it can be useful for you :)

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