How to Install IPA on iPhone or iPad using 3uTools (Cydia Impactor Alternatives)

Currently the Cydia Impactor application, which is usually used to install .IPA applications or files  for iOS / iPadOS iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is experiencing a problem and it is still not being repaired so it can't function anymore.

But there is no need to worry, the good news is that this time we have a new application that can function the same as Cydia Impactor to install .IPA files via your computer using your own Apple ID, and yes, that application is 3uTools .

FYI: this page is translated from my original blog which is in Indonesian, so maybe the translation is not good enough

3uTools is a multifunctional application for iOS users, apart from being able to install .IPA files through your own Apple ID, 3uTools also has many other functions such as File Management, Flashing Firmware / IPSW iOS, Jailbreak and many more.

Well, without further ado, just follow the steps below to install .IPA files using the 3uTools application.

How to Install IPA Files on iPhone Using the 3uTools application (Cydia Impactor alternative)

First, please prepare the following:

  • Computer or Laptop (currently 3uTools can only run on Windows operating system)
  • Internet connection
  • Data cable
  • Apple ID (can create a new one if in doubt)

When ready, just follow the steps below:

#1 : First, please download and install the 3uTools application via the following link, make sure the iTunes application is also installed

#2 : Next, please connect your iPhone to the computer using a data cable, then open the 3uTools application

#3 : If it is detected, please enter the Toolbox menu and select the IPA Signature menu 

#4 : Then click the Sign with Apple ID menu then Add Apple ID

#5 : Next please enter your Apple ID (will be used to sign the IPA application so that it can be installed on the iPhone) then click Confirm

#6 : Now click the Add IPA files button 

#7 : Then select the .IPA file or application to be installed

#8 : Then click on the IPA application menu that will be installed (until a tick appears) then click again on the Apple ID that you just added earlier, and finally please click Start signing

#9 : If the signing process is successful (Signature succeed), now close the IPA Signature menu

#10 : Then click the Download icon menu on the top right side of the 3uTools application screen

#11 : Next click on the IPA application that was already signed, then click the Install button

#12 : When finished "Installation Succeeded", please open your iPhone then go to Settings > General > Profile / Device Management > (your email ) > Trust " " > Trust .

#13 : Finally, please return to the main menu of the iPhone then open the installed application, done :)

Applications that are installed using this method will last for 7 days (unless you use a paid Apple ID / Apple developer which will last 1 year). To reinstall the application you just need to repeat the steps above starting from step # 6 .

Whether that's how to install / sign IPA files into the iOS / iPadOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If there is still information that you don't understand, please leave us your comments below, thank you.

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